Famous Authors Were Passed as Today

Salvador Dali Salvador Dali 1904-1989
Johnny Carson Johnny Carson 1925-2005
Paul Robeson Paul Robeson 1898-1976
Phillips Brooks Phillips Brooks 1835-1893
Jack LaLanne Jack LaLanne 1914-2011
Charles Kingsley Charles Kingsley 1819-1875
Edvard Munch Edvard Munch 1863-1944
Anna Pavlova Anna Pavlova 1881-1931
E. Joseph Cossman E. Joseph Cossman 1918-2007
Helmut Newton Helmut Newton 1920-2004
Joseph Beuys Joseph Beuys 1921-1986
Ryunosuke Satoro Ryunosuke Satoro 1932-2007
William Pitt William Pitt 1759-1806
Bob Keeshan Bob Keeshan 1927-2004
E. Howard Hunt E. Howard Hunt 1918-2007
Northrop Frye Northrop Frye 1912-1991
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