Famous Authors Were Born as Today

Joan Collins Joan Collins 1933-Now
George Osborne George Osborne 1971-Now
Margaret Fuller Margaret Fuller 1810-1850
Drew Carey Drew Carey 1958-Now
Joshua Lederberg Joshua Lederberg 1925-2008
Karen Duffy Karen Duffy 1962-Now
Michael Porter Michael Porter 1947-Now
Robert Moog Robert Moog 1934-2005
Ken Jennings Ken Jennings 1974-Now
Hans Frank Hans Frank 1900-1946
Joe Slovo Joe Slovo 1926-1995
Marvin Hagler Marvin Hagler 1954-Now
Mitch Albom Mitch Albom 1958-Now
Alfred P. Sloan Alfred P. Sloan 1875-1966
Charlie Hunter Charlie Hunter 1967-Now
Gary McCord Gary McCord 1948-Now
Lea DeLaria Lea DeLaria 1958-Now
Thomas Hood Thomas Hood 1799-1845
Anatoly Karpov Anatoly Karpov 1951-Now
Carolus Linnaeus Carolus Linnaeus 1707-1778
John Newcombe John Newcombe 1944-Now
Walter Reisch Walter Reisch 1903-1983
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