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Born as Today See All

Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde 1854-1900
John Mayer John Mayer 1977-Now
Tim Robbins Tim Robbins 1958-Now
William O. Douglas William O. Douglas 1898-1980
Noah Webster Noah Webster 1758-1843
Suzanne Somers Suzanne Somers 1946-Now
Gary Miller Gary Miller 1948-Now
Gunter Grass Gunter Grass 1927-Now
David Ben-Gurion David Ben-Gurion 1886-1973
David Zucker David Zucker 1947-Now

Passed As Today See All

Moshe Dayan Moshe Dayan 1915-1981
Fritz Sauckel Fritz Sauckel 1894-1946
James A. Michener James A. Michener 1907-1997
George C. Marshall George C. Marshall 1880-1959
Dan Wheldon Dan Wheldon 1978-2011
Hans Frank Hans Frank 1900-1946
Art Blakey Art Blakey 1919-1990
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