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Born as Today See All

Frank Miller Frank Miller 1957-Now
Lewis Carroll Lewis Carroll 1832-1898
Alan Cumming Alan Cumming 1965-Now
John Mica John Mica 1943-Now
Nick Mason Nick Mason 1944-Now
Marat Safin Marat Safin 1980-Now
Steve Wynn Steve Wynn 1942-Now
Keith Olbermann Keith Olbermann 1959-Now

Passed As Today See All

John Updike John Updike 1932-2009
J. D. Salinger J. D. Salinger 1919-2010
John James Audubon John James Audubon 1785-1851
Nellie Bly Nellie Bly 1864-1922
Norman McLaren Norman McLaren 1914-1987
Adam Sedgwick Adam Sedgwick 1785-1873
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