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Born as Today See All

Robert Frost Robert Frost 1874-Now
Richard Dawkins Richard Dawkins 1941-Now
William Hague William Hague 1961-Now
Tennessee Williams Tennessee Williams 1911-1983
Joseph Campbell Joseph Campbell 1904-1987
Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi 1940-Now
Erica Jong Erica Jong 1942-Now
Bob Woodward Bob Woodward 1943-Now
Todd Barry Todd Barry 1964-Now
Viktor E. Frankl Viktor E. Frankl 1905-1997

Passed As Today See All

Walt Whitman Walt Whitman 1819-1892
Raymond Chandler Raymond Chandler 1888-1959
Sarah Bernhardt Sarah Bernhardt 1844-1923
Geraldine Ferraro Geraldine Ferraro 1935-2011
Roland Barthes Roland Barthes 1915-1980
Alex Comfort Alex Comfort 1920-2000
Cecil Rhodes Cecil Rhodes 1853-1902
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